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    Olivia Orton's Bio Empty Olivia Orton's Bio

    Post by Gone on Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:30 pm

    Olivia Lou Orton(James before marriage) was born in Canada but movie to New York at 19 to start her acting career. She had plan and was offered to join the olympic team for ice skating but turnd it down to persue acting. She grew up with Adam Copeland and Jason Reso. She considers them to be like her older brothers. She has become quite famous for the 4 movies she has done and her hit tv show SVU. She visit often and she had a huge crush on Randy however it took until the Rated RKO angle for her to tell him. They dated for two years and then was married. They have now been married for 2 years however secrets from the pass creates alot of drama for her future.

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